Why Outlook is Not Syncing with Outlook.com- Causes and Solution

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Why Outlook is Not Syncing with Outlook.com- Causes and Solution

Synchronization between applications is important as it helps to know the items are available in both the applications. If synchronization stops then the items are not updated and it creates problems. Synchronization problem in Outlook.com and Outlook desktop application create issues and does not update the data files. Many users complain that Outlook.com is not synchronizing with Outlook.

When synchronization stops the Exchange Active Sync (EAS) account type will no longer be available for Outlook.com. So, any appointments, contacts, tasks, notes will support syncing when the Outlook sync stopped working. So, it is very important to synchronize Outlook.com to Outlook 2016, 2013 and other versions.

So, the first step to remove the account from Outlook and use auto account setup to reconnect the account as Microsoft Exchange Account. Synchronize the Outlook.com to Outlook and then compare the calendars, tasks and other data in both accounts.

Add Alias to Outlook.com

Now the first step is to add the account as Alias to Outlook.com. Now add outlook.com alias to account first and then set it as the primary account.

  • Now login to your Microsoft Account
  • Your dashboard will open and then click on ‘Manage your sign-in email or phone number’
  • Click on Add email and then add your existing outlook account or create a new account

sync outlook with eas

  • Once the account is created, then click on ‘Change sign-in preferences’
  • Now select the new alias so it can be used for sign-in
  • Click on the save option, now use this address to set up account in Outlook

Configuring MS Outlook

  • Login to MS Outlook and then go to File
  • Now click on Add Account button

outlook.com sync with outlook

  • Select the option Auto Account Setup
  • Enter your E-mail address, password, retype password, and then click on Next

add automatic account

  • Once the account is added then restart Outlook.
  • The added account will have same name with (1) in account
  • Once the EAS account is removed then the (1) will be removed
  • Now compare the Outlook.com account and Outlook account side by side
  • Now match the calendar with date for few months
  • Now do the same thing with contacts, notes, tasks, and other tools

Remove EAS Account

The next step is to remove EAS account

  • Go to control panel and then select mail
  • The E-mail window will open now select the E-mail tab
  • Select the account with ‘Exchange Active Sync’

remove security info in microsoft account

  • The Remove button will get active and then select ‘Remove’ button
  • Now Restart the Outlook and the (1) will be removed

Now the Outlook.com will sync with Outlook desktop app. In this way you can remove the Outlook.com sync issues.

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