How to Take Backup of Office 365 to PST With eDiscovery Tool

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How to Take Backup of Office 365 to PST With eDiscovery Tool

Backup of files is extremely important because we are not aware when data loss occurs. Office 365 is the new cloud-based platform to use MS office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Office 365 gives a desktop based interface of applications which can be accessed from anywhere using Office 365 credentials. The Outlook office 365 has important data and it is better to take backup to handle situations like disaster recovery.

Here we will discuss learn to take backup of Office365 with eDiscovery Tool. This allows to import Office 365 to PST which can be saved as backup. Whenever needed, data can be moved from PST to Office 365 easily. Check steps to create backup of Office 365 in PST format.

Import Office 365 to PST Outlook

  • Login to Office 365 account as Administrator
  • From the Admin center, select ‘Security Compliance’ then go to Permissions and click on eDiscovery Manager.
  • A new window will open and then click on eDiscovery Administrator option
  • Now select the eDiscovery Administrator click on Add>> Select member name, save it and close the window.

Create Case to Move Office 365

  • Now create a case, click on Search and Investigation option and then ediscovery
  • On the right side of window, click on ‘create a case’ tab and a new window will appear
  • Type the case name, enter details in the description and save

create case to export office to pst

  • Now open the case and click on search tab
  • Under locations option, choose specific locations and then ‘Modify’
  • Enable ‘Exchange Mail’, save it and then click on ‘Save and Run’

save office 365 backup

  • When you run the case, create a new job, specify name and description and save it

Backup Office 365

  • Now the office 365 will configure as per the case and job created, next click on More
  • Select the Export Result option and then Export tab
  • You will see a file with PST_Export name, double click on it

backup office 365

  • A new window will appear, with Export key, copy this key by clicking ‘copy to clipboard’
  • Click on the download results tab and start ediscovery tool
  • Paste the copied key here and click on browse button to save exported data

office 365 to pst

  • Finally click on start, the Office 365 data will be converted in PST.

So, this is the free and manual method to create Office 365 Backup as PST. This method can also be used to convert Office 365 to PST file.

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