Recover Accidentally Deleted Emails/ Messages From PST File in Outlook

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Recover Accidentally Deleted Emails/ Messages From PST File in Outlook

Large PST Size is the common cause of the error and thus users continuously check the size of PST in Outlook. If the size grows larger then they delete the items in PST. Users generally delete the emails send by advertisers or mails market/ sales subscriptions which acquire a large amount of space. Sometimes, while deleting these files in bulk, important emails also get deleted. But, there’s a free method to recover deleted files from PST in Outlook for free.

Precautions should be taken while deleting items from Outlook, like first empty the deleted folders, in Outlook, then you can delete the sent folder files as they all are part of Outlook PST File. However, If you lose crucial documents, then use the Hex editor to retrieve deleted items from PST.

Before Starting the Recovery Process, do the following things

  • Close the Outlook application as soon as you delete the files
  • Do not Open Outlook until the process gets complete

This is because when the Outlook is connected to the internet it overwrites the files and makes recovery difficult.


PST File: You should be aware of the PST file from which items are deleted. For each account in Outlook, there is a PST file that holds the entire data like emails, messages, attachments, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar entries, and journals.

Hex Editor: This is the tool that will be used to recover items from Outlook PST. For example, retrieving deleted attachments from the PST file or contacts. You can download Hex Editor of your choice from a trusted source to avoid any interruptions during file migration.

TOC (Table of Contents): Most of the users do not know about TOC in Outlook. Table of Contents or abbreviated as TOC is the utility that outlook uses to categorize emails into inbox, sent, deleted, and other appropriate folders. Outlook removes the deleted items folder. But if we corrupt Outlook and repair it fastly then Outlook will get tricked as it will restore the deleted items folder and thus recovering deleted items too.

The entire recovery process is carried out in 3 steps

  • Locating PST File
  • Making PST File corrupt
  • Recovering PST File

Follow the below-given steps to recover deleted items from PST in Outlook

Access the PST File

  • Go to Start and then click on Control Panel
  • Now select the options to display items as ‘Small Icons’
  • Click on the Mail icon and then ‘Data Files’

pst file location

  • A new window will open, select the PST file from which you want to recover data
  • Click on ‘Open Folder’ or ‘Open File Location’
  • The Outlook PST file will open in Windows Explorer

pst copy

  • Copy the file and save it to a new safe and secure location for backup

Corrupt the Outlook PST File

  • Now Open HEX Editor and then PST file in this editor
  • The PST data will open as numbers, letters.
  • Find the hexadecimal position 7 to 13 and delete these columns with help of space bar

hex editor to repair pst file

  • When you delete the values are replaced by 20
  • Save the changes made and exit Hex editor.

pst deleted items recovery with hex editor

Depending on the type of editor installed and version of PST used you can make changes by following steps

  • Locate the values from 7 to 13
  • Now go to Edit and click on ‘Fill Selection’
  • Enter the values 00 and click on OK
  • Now save these values and close the Hex editor

Recover Corrupt PST File

As the PST file is now corrupt, we need to repair the file so that the deleted items also get recovered. ScanPST.exe is a free utility that repairs the damaged PST file in Outlook.

Download Outlook PST Recovery Software from below link Download PST repair

  • Now go to the folder where Outlook is installed and look for ScanPST
  • Now click on ScanPST.exe to start the tool
  • Now, click on the ‘Browse’ button and add the corrupt PST file

scanpst outlook repair tool

  • Click on the Start button to recover the file
  • The tool will scan and collect errors
  • Next, click on ‘Repair’ button to fix PST error and recover deleted items
  • Now Open, outlook and look for items, they will be displayed in folders.

So, this is the free method to get back deleted items from PST files in Outlook like messages, contacts, attachments, folders, and other items for free. You can also try the PST Repair and Recovery tool for free and get back deleted files back with complete accuracy without any error.

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