Prevent PST File Corruption

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Prevent PST File Corruption

All the data that is stored on your computer through MS Outlook, Windows Messaging, and MS Exchange Client are saved in .pst file format. MS Outlook is a very important software in the working of an organization. Almost all the work depends on this software, be it from keeping a track of your emails or messages, or keeping your calendar updated for any meetings or scheduling any meeting and informing all the people in your contact list, or making memos and reminders, and much more. MS Outlook is the heart of the business and any loss in the data can cost you and your business a lot. The .pst files are very fragile and they need to be kept safe by preventing pst file corruption and this can be done by keeping a few necessary things in mind.outlook-repair

What steps can be taken to prevent pst file corruption?

  • Do not exceed the size of the PST file. PST files are delicate and they can easily get corrupt if they have a larger size or if they are bloated. Even if your MS Outlook version supports up to 50 GB data in the PST file, then also you should keep your PST file up to 10 GB only for any data loss. Moreover, the scanning and processing of operations with small PST files are faster than the larger ones which is one of the major reasons why one should create several small PST files.
  • For the older versions of PST files. The 2002 and before version of MS Outlook have a memory storage limit of 2 GB. One will start facing several problems as soon as the memory of the PST files reaches up to 2 GB and it is therefore suggested to keep the average size of the older version PST files up to 1.5 GB.
  • Storing your PST file on the server or a network drive can cause corruption. PST files are meant to be saved on computers. Data loss and corruption can be prevented if the PST files are not shared on the network drive or server, as they cannot handle such dense PST files, and moreover access by multiple users will increase the chances of getting corrupted PST files.
  • NEVER EVER shut down the system without quitting the MS Outlook. This task can be tiring at times but making sure that the Outlook is closed before you shut down your system is a good practice as it can prevent the PST files from getting corrupted and you can save all your hard-earned data.
  • Keep a track of your Antivirus program. Large PST files contain lots of emails and data and these files are scanned and protected by the Antivirus program in your PCs. Any modulations in the operation of the Antivirus program will affect the PST files as well. This can be a cause for your PST files getting corrupted. Always check your Antivirus program according to your PST files’ needs.
  • Create backups. It is a good practice to always create a backup of your PST files in a period manner. This will ensure that your data is safe even if the PST files are corrupt.

It is always said that “Prevention is better than cure”, so keep these things in mind and prevent your .pst files from getting corrupted and the loss of your data too.

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