NSF Files Not Fully Converted to PST- How to Export Complete Lotus Notes Files to Outlook

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NSF Files Not Fully Converted to PST- How to Export Complete Lotus Notes Files to Outlook

When Outlook generates error messages, the first thing to look upon is PST File. Many users have observed that when they add a new PST file, the Outlook behaves abnormally and generates error messages. It is mainly due to all the data items are not present in PST file and when the user tries to send/ receive email it fails as complete items are not exported. So if you are exporting Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook make sure complete items are present in PST, else it will show errors.

These errors occur on manually converting NSF files to PST. Data present in large NSF file is not completely transferred. There are two ways to export Lotus Notes data to Outlook

  • Using the Import/ Export Method
  • Microsoft Transporter Suite

Both of these methods do not ensure complete file transfer. Microsoft Transporter Suite allows to move files only up to 4 MB and files larger than this size are left behind mainly attachments. Import/ Export method is not recommended for large Lotus Notes NSF files. So, to resolve these issues use NSF to PST converter. The software makes sure that all the data export to Outlook in PST format smoothly without any interruptions. The software manages this task because of its features like

Complete File Transfer: After the NSF file is added, the NSF to PST converter shows all the items, folders, attachments, emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries and other items. User needs to select the data from folders and proceed next. Now select the saving option as PST and complete files are transferred without any error.

Large NSF File to Multiply PST: The storage capacity of NSF file and PST is different. If the file is large the software splits the large NSF file and distributes data in multiple PST files. Hence ensuring complete data transfer from NSF to PST. These PST files can be used by Outlook without any error message.

Rich Output PST File: Other tools transfer the data, but the quality is lost. NSF to PST converter moves the entire data precisely with complete accuracy so that there is no difference between the original file and converted PST files. The data remains intact and follows the same folder- sub-folder order.

Compatible: The NSF to PST converter is compatible with Lotus Notes 9.0.1, 9.0, 8.5, 8.0.2, 7.0, 6.5 and 6.0 and Outlook 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007 and other previous versions.

So, to ensure Lotus Notes NSF files migrate to Outlook completely use the NSF to PST converter.

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