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ByDouglus James

NSF Files Not Fully Converted to PST- How to Export Complete Lotus Notes Files to Outlook

When Outlook generates error messages, the first thing to look upon is PST File. Many users have observed that when they add a new PST file, the Outlook behaves abnormally and generates error messages. It is mainly due to all the data items are not present in PST file and when the user tries to send/ receive email it fails as complete items are not exported. So if you are exporting Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook make sure complete items are present in PST, else it will show errors.

These errors occur on manually converting NSF files to PST. Data present in large NSF file is not completely transferred. There are two ways to export Lotus Notes data to Outlook

  • Using the Import/ Export Method
  • Microsoft Transporter Suite

Both of these methods do not ensure complete file transfer. Microsoft Transporter Suite allows to move files only up to 4 MB and files larger than this size are left behind mainly attachments. Import/ Export method is not recommended for large Lotus Notes NSF files. So, to resolve these issues use NSF to PST converter. The software makes sure that all the data export to Outlook in PST format smoothly without any interruptions. The software manages this task because of its features like

Complete File Transfer: After the NSF file is added, the NSF to PST converter shows all the items, folders, attachments, emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries and other items. User needs to select the data from folders and proceed next. Now select the saving option as PST and complete files are transferred without any error.

Large NSF File to Multiply PST: The storage capacity of NSF file and PST is different. If the file is large the software splits the large NSF file and distributes data in multiple PST files. Hence ensuring complete data transfer from NSF to PST. These PST files can be used by Outlook without any error message.

Rich Output PST File: Other tools transfer the data, but the quality is lost. NSF to PST converter moves the entire data precisely with complete accuracy so that there is no difference between the original file and converted PST files. The data remains intact and follows the same folder- sub-folder order.

Compatible: The NSF to PST converter is compatible with Lotus Notes 9.0.1, 9.0, 8.5, 8.0.2, 7.0, 6.5 and 6.0 and Outlook 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007 and other previous versions.

So, to ensure Lotus Notes NSF files migrate to Outlook completely use the NSF to PST converter.

ByDouglus James

Outlook 2019 ‘Not Implemented’ Error- Causes and Solutions

The new version of Outlook from Microsoft i.e. Outlook 2019 is designed to provide better user-interface, advanced security, and faster performance. Moreover, Outlook 2019 has some features that are available in the Office 365 subscription plan. So, customers can enjoy functions available in Office 365 and get familiar with its features. Outlook works perfectly if it is properly maintained, else accumulation of data in PST causes performance issues like ‘Outlook Not Implemented Error’.

When the Outlook inbox is refreshed by clicking on the ‘Send/ Receive’ button it shows Outlook Not implemented error. So here we will look at the causes of this error and how Not Implemented error in Outlook 2019 could be resolved.

Major Causes of Outlook 2019 Error

  • When Outlook has add-ins from un-known resources
  • Send/ Receive Settings or SRS file is damaged
  • Incorrect Installation of Outlook
  • The outlook is not properly integrated with Anti-virus
  • Damaged/ Corrupt PST file

These issues often lead to Not Implemented Error in Outlook 2019

Top 5 Methods to Fix Outlook Not Implemented Error

Outlook has several files that are responsible for various function, SRS is the file that is linked with Send/ Receive settings in Outlook. Any problem in the file causes ‘Not Implemented Error’ in the Outlook. So, the error in Outlook can be resolved by recreating the SRS file.

repair outlook srs file

  • Open Windows Explorer and go to Outlook folder
  • Browse the path C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\
  • Right-click on the outlook.SRS file and select Rename
  • Name the file as Outlook.srs.old
  • Now restart MS Outlook in your system
  • A New Outlook.SRS file will be created
  • Click on Send/ Receive to check error is fixed

Disable Add-ins from Outlook

outlook not implemented disable add-ins

  • Go to Start and type run or press Window Key + R to launch Run window
  • Type the command ‘Outlook.exe /safe’
  • MS Outlook will open in safe mode
  • Click on File and then go to options
  • Click on Add-ins and then click on Go
  • The installed add-ins will be listed in the box
  • Disable add-ins that might be related to the send/ receive function or disable All
  • Click on Send/ Receive button and try to send the message as reply all/ forward

Create a New Outlook Profile

add owa account to outlook for windows

Sometime the problem could be in Outlook profile settings

  • From Start go to control panel
  • Now click on the mail icon,
  • A new window will open, select ‘Show profiles’
  • The Outlook file available will be listed, click on the ‘Add’ button
  • Set up an account automatically and click Save then OK

Disable Anti-virus

The anti-virus software is useful for protecting the system from viruses and malicious files while but sometimes they cannot understand the email files and thus lack in processing. So, MS Outlook fails to read the files. Thus it is advised to disable anti-virus for a time being. MS Outlook server also uses its own security feature and sends suspected files in the spam or junk folder. Disable Antivirus and open MS outlook to know the error is fixed.

Repair MS Office

Windows 10 Outlook Repair

Try to repair the entire MS office package by following steps

  • Go to control panel and then ‘Programs and Features’
  • Now click on Uninstall a program and the list of installed programs will appear
  • Select MS-Office and click on ‘Change button’
  • A new window will appear, click on Repair and then continue
  • The errors will be fixed by troubleshooter

These are some of the free and manual methods to fix Outlook 2019 Not Implemented Error.

Download Outlook PST Recovery Software from below link Download PST repair

ByDouglus James

Top 10 Ways to Fix Outlook PST Error 0X800CCC0E

While connecting with Exchange server if the settings are not properly configured then it shows errors. Some time the message is displayed in form of error codes and frequent error that users face is IMAP error 0X800CCC0E. MS Outlook, Outlook Express or any other mail application using Exchange server encountered this error. This abrupts the working of Exchange Server, here are the steps to fix Outlook Error 0X800CCC0E.

When the error occurred it displays the following message-The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘your_account’, Server:’your_SMTP_server’, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure (SSL): NO, Socket error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800ccc0e. There could be number of reasons why this error occurs. Considering all the scenarios, check out the top 10 ways to fix Exchange Server Error 0X800CCC0E.

Methods to Resolve Error Number 0X800CCC0E

This Error can be avoided by following methods

Check E-mail Account Settings

If the Outlook is not properly setup with Exchange Server then it will surely results in errors. Users should check that all the settings for e-mail account are correct. Users should ensure that username has complete e-mail address in it. Go to Files move to info and select Account Settings to check they are properly configured.

Internet Settings

The most common cause of poor connectivity between Exchange Server and MS Outlook is bad internet connection. Before starting the Outlook application ensure you have proper Internet and settings of the Outlook are correct.

Start Outlook in Safe Mode

Sometimes there are chances that the add-ins, additional functionalities may be creating hindrances between Outlook and Exchange Server. So it is better to start it with less drivers and only basic functionalities. Start the Outlook in Safe Mode

  • Press window key + R to open run command dialog box
  • Now, Type Outlook.exe/safe and press enter
  • Run Outlook in safe mode and check the error appears or not

Clean Messages in Outlook Outbox

  • Open Outlook in your system
  • Move to Send/Receive tab and click on Work Offline
  • Go to Outbox folder and delete the messages
  • Or, Move messages from Outbox folder to Draft

Delete Suspicious Mails

Generally, Outlook identifies the suspicious emails and move them to junk folder, however, some messages still store in Inbox folder. Check inbox for these suspicious emails and delete them permanently from trash folder too. Some of these mails may block sending/ receiving of messages.

  • Open Outlook over the web
  • Sign in to your account and delete all these emails

Check Antivirus and Window Firewall Settings

In many cases, it is found that the Windows Firewall/ Defender prevents from accessing some services over the network. Outlook or Exchange Server may be among these services. Check the settings of installed antivirus/ windows defender. Start Outlook again and check the error message is still appearing or not

Check Outlook Profile Settings

Sometime the problem could be in the existing Outlook profile (PST). To check

  • Create a New Outlook Profile
  • Now Send the message
  • If the message is sent, it means connection to exchange server is correct. Delete the existing profile and create a new one

Increase Server Time Out

  • Open Outlook and go to Files>Account Settings
  • Select Mail account and then change
  • Click on more settings and then Advanced tab
  • Now increase server time out and keep changes

SMTP Server Settings

  • Open MS outlook and go to Account Settings
  • Click on the E-mail tab and select e-mail account for which you want to change settings
  • The dialog box will open, click on the More settings icon
  • Select outgoing server tab and check mark ‘My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication’ and click OK
  • Or click on Advanced tab and change the Outgoing Server SMTP port number 587

Outlook PST Repair Tool

You can also try Outlook Repair tool if the problem is in MS Outlook and not in Exchange Server. It repairs all the Outlook files and set the settings as per your requirement. If any corrupted file is causing problem between Outlook and Exchange Server then the software repairs it and make it usable.

These are the top 10 methods you can use if the Outlook shows error number 0X800CCC0E due to problem in connectivity between Exchange Server and MS Outlook.